May 6, 2011

2 : Birds too need an anger management

Angry Birds,Its been an addiction since my friend introduced me to it. Dunno why,maybe its too violent in a cute way. hhahah. however,the best part is im not the only one who loved it so much. check this out!

laughed harder,i dun even know those birds know how to curse. hahahah..
" Says what ?? Fuck Off !! " *mocking

This is not really the Angry Birds but it still got the same concept
and I swear if those things were real,it could be the AWESOME things i would like to have.

this is what happened when the fans took seriously about the birds. im not into it.. oo ohh..

Im not a kiddo ;D

1 : 1 2 3 Hit It !

Im blogging again !

thats 3 best words i can described right now. :)

More post will coming out soon but i still need to wait for my new laptop`s charger.

so long peeps.